What are Cookies and Similar Technologies?

  • Cookies help to provide a better and faster online experience. Almost every website uses cookies or similar technologies.
  • The next time you visit the same website using the same device, the website that originally triggered the setting of the cookie will recognise that you have visited the website before, and in some cases, it adapts the content to take account of your most prior visits. In this way, the website experience can be tailored to your personal interests and preferences.
  • Cookies and web storage technologies allowing local and session storage (“cookies”) make it easier for you to interact with our website. They are typically small text files downloaded by your internet browser to your device when you visit our website. We also place cookies on your device when you interact with website technologies from third-party providers, such as scripts, and pixels, which we integrate on our website for advertising purposes. Pixel usage leads to collection of anonymous data that helps us track conversions from ads, optimise ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already taken action on our site.
  • We also use other technologies similar to cookies such as JavaScript. We use these to pass information we have collected about you when you visit our website to other applications.
  • We provide information below on the use of these technologies.


Why Do We Use Cookies?

To optimise your online experience
  • Cookies perform different functions that help us make your online experience smoother and more interactive. Especially if you are using the same device and browser as you did when you visited our website previously.
To provide you content and offers tailored to your interests
  • Radio Khwezi uses advertising and targeting cookies. These cookies store information from your browsing history to record your interests and browsing activities on our website. This enables us or our partners to:
    1. advertise products on other websites, based on your visits to our site; and
    2. combine and optimise our information so that Radio Khwezi online advertisements you see are relevant to you and your interests.
To help us improve our websites
  • Cookies let us improve our websites by analysing how visitors use them. We look at what content is popular and use that information to anticipate what else visitors may find interesting or useful. This helps us to:
    1. Understand how visitors use our websites so we can make them better and enhance visitors’ experience.
    2. Try out different ideas and display content that is most relevant to individual visitors.


First-Party Cookies versus Third-Party Cookies

  • First-party cookies are cookies that the Organisation deploys on the website that you are currently visiting and with which you interact when you use our websites.
  • We also use third-party cookies that help us analyse and understand how you use our websites and provide them with content and advertisements that are relevant to you. These cookies will only be stored on your browser.


Managing Cookie Settings via your Browser

  • You can manage (enable/disable and delete) the cookie settings on our website via the functionality buttons provided, but also by altering your browser settings. Most browsers allow you to manage your cookies by either accepting or rejecting all cookies or accepting only certain types of cookies. The procedure for managing and deleting cookies is usually found in your browser’s integrated help function.



Cookie Details According to Category

Necessary Cookies

  • Necessary cookies are crucial for the basic functions of the website and the website will not work in its intended way without them. Necessary cookies are always on.
  • The cookies in this category do not store any personally identifiable data.

Analytical Cookies

  • Analytics cookies gather information about how visitors interact with our website.
  • We use these cookies to:
    1. see how you engage with our site;
    2. find out more about your personal journey between pages; and
    3. to collect statistical information to help us improve the website.
  • You can remove these cookies at any time via the settings in your browser.
  • The cookies in this category do not store any personally identifiable data.

Advertising Cookies

  • These cookies are used to deliver advertising and other marketing communications more relevant to you and your interests. They remember whether you have visited a website, and share this anonymous information with, for instance, advertising and media agencies. In addition, advertising cookies may be used by our partners to create profiles, so that they can show you relevant ads on other websites and create lookalike audiences. They also make it possible to limit the number of times an advertisement is shown to you, with a view to avoiding over-exposure and user annoyance.
  • We use and allow third parties to deploy these cookies to:
    1. provide online advertising that offers you relevant information; and
    2. prevent that the same advertising from continuously re-appearing.
  • The cookies in this category do not store any personally identifiable data.


Personalisation Cookies

  • These cookies enable a website to save user customisations (like language choices and country relevant information), so that it can offer optimised user experiences. These cookies help us to provide a website designed to be used in the best way possible. You can, deactivate these cookies at any time in the settings in your browser.
  • We use cookies to help us:
    1. keep your details secure when you are logged in (where applicable); and
    2. personalise your experience on our site by showing you content you might be interested in based on previous online viewing.
  • The cookies in this category do not store any personally identifiable data.